Android Growing as a Game Development

Android has proved its ground in gaming. Everywhere we see: college classrooms, public parks, outdoor camping trips, or roads with people walking on it – people are gaming all over. Gaming is the new Matrix.

What’s made gaming this much portable? The list in the answer to that question must include Android.

Today we’ll analyze the growth of Android as a game development platform. Not just how Android is enabling more gamers to use their devices to have fun, but also how it opens ups opportunities for developers.

Where we stand

Right now Android gaming is a huge area. Challenging, but equally rewarding. More than half the people install a game after purchasing a new Android device rather than any other thing. Games on Android have become such a great force that gaming is not just a category, but a different domain in itself.

With hundreds of new titles released every week – you never know which game will become the next sensation. This trend has inspired game development for Android.

Although there is no official entry about how many games there are in the Play Store – it’s certain that more than half of the 1,900,000 apps in Play Store are games.

Historically, the spending power of Android users is less, as compared to Apple’s App Store. Therefore, most game developers make free games for the Android system. This trend has given rise to better in-app purchases and ad systems to generate revenue, which has been working our really well.

Factors helping the growth of Android

  • The users of Android are so varied that you always have your target audience sitting there to play your game.
  • There are tons of APIs and development frameworks available for Android game development, more than what’s available for many other gaming platforms.
  • Historically, any kind of game has been seen becoming a hot topic quickly. Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Clash of Clans, and now Mini Militia. These are just the tip of the iceberg. The actual number of successful games is whopping.
  • Indie game development has also helped Android. Independent developers are now providing unique games, which increase the democracy of the system.
  • From third party game engines and libraries to names like Google and Intel have been encouraging game development on Android. Eclipse, Android Design Studio, the Android SDK – all these powerful tools enable Android games to leverage higher performance.
  • Getting entry to the Play Store and developing basic games without much coding know-how is really, really easy.
  • Android’s built-in graphics and OpenGL support has been pioneered and engineered further by Google to provide much better graphics with the least amount of resources, thus making Android games really appealing without much work.

Wrapping up

As if that wasn’t enough, the growth of Android as a game development platform has been further sponsored by many modern utilities.

For starters, the analytics for your games is monstrous. The data can be leveraged in multiple ways.

Secondly, the amount of support you’ll get from the internet will really help you towards developing a great game.

Authored by Charles Madison. Charles is a game developer whose area of expertise and interest both fall into one rising modern field: mobile gaming. He has done independent research on mobile game technology when he was in MIT before he got into game development. He has a strong knowledge of game programming and more than that, he knows what gamers love. He works good without strict requirements, as he’s more of a freestyle, innovative guy. To know more about his work, visit: